9 Laws for Social Media Marketing Success – Part 3

 Hi, and welcome back to the final part of the blog, “Nine critical laws to implement in social media marketing.”

This blog by Cosmos will discuss the final three laws, which consist of value in social media marketing, an acknowledgement in social media marketing, and accessibility in digital marketing. 

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The Law of Value in Social Media Marketing

If your business promotes branding, other aspects will slowly suffer as there is little to no attention. What keeps a customer returning and connecting with your company is the value from your business and promotional activities. Furthermore, if you provide incentives such as free products/services, discounts etc., the more value you add, the more satisfied the customers. You must bring something worthwhile to the discussion. Concentrate more on producing outstanding content and establishing connections with online influencers than on increasing conversions. 

Surprisingly, a large number of businesses continue to believe that posting any information on social media platforms, including adverts for their company’s products or services, provides offering value. This, however, is not the case. People want to buy, but they don’t like to be sold to, so if you post promotional content that pushes your audience into purchasing your goods or services without providing them with any added value, there’s a good possibility that they’ll stop engaging with you on social media immediately. Therefore companies should maintain in balance between promotional and engaging content while planning their content marketing strategy. 

The Law of Acknowledgement in Social Media Marketing


When online or on-site, always greet and acknowledge the person who reaches out to you. It would be best never to ignore someone who reaches out to you as they have taken the time to message you. Social media and physical interactions are, in this case, the same. Customers or clients expect to receive the same reception, welcoming and respectful.

As previously mentioned, it is vital that the person feels valued as they don’t want to feel used for the companies’ benefit. Social media marketing success always acknowledges every contact who reaches out to engage with you or your firm. Linkedin is a great example; it accepts each request individually. Sometimes, it’s as simple as thanks for connecting that kicks off a conversation, leading to more extraordinary things.   

Scalling Business

An essential component of a successful social media strategy is acknowledgment, which is important in all forms of communication. The best way to build enduring relationships with your followers is to concentrate on mentioning and responding to both their positive and negative reviews and comments. Building Relationship is a two way process. You can’t just expect your customers to share your content and talk about you if you do not do the same for them. So, always acknowledge all your customers who reaches out to you.  

The Law of Accessibility in Digital Marketing

For your business to reach its goals, being available and accessible to your customers and clients regularly is crucial. You must engage with your audience constantly and participate in all the ongoing conversations in all businesses. The best way you can be available to customers is by being obvious. When you get a message, make sure you reply within 24 hours; otherwise, you will be perceived as being unprofessional. Especially after recent publications, you need to engage in conversations. 

Followers online are impatient, It’s likely that you will lose a significant portion of your followers if you post material and then disappear for a while. Be available and keep your audience in mind. Participate in the discussion. Social media is different form the traditional media, social media is a two way communication not a one way communication like traditional media. Show up on your social media accounts regularly. Develop your connections by participating in conversations with your audience online. 


While adhering to these ten principles won’t ensure the success of your social media marketing operations, it will greatly raise the likelihood of success. It’s important to remember that social media marketing is about connecting with your fans and followers in order to communicate with them effectively and eventually turn them into customers. It’s not just about putting content on social media platforms. Your brand can profit from social media’s influence without breaking the bank by adhering to the previously outlined social media laws.

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